Q:  We have a set of hinges From our old cabinets that have broken; we're not ready for new cabinets yet and found that you're the distributor for this hinge brand.   How do I determine if you carry a replacement?

A:  Please take a high resolution image(s) and send off to info@pioneerdistributors.ca; we will determine if this is something we carry and will get back to you in a prompt manner.  Referencing a code on the hinge/plate may be different from what we have in our system so will not be useful.

Q:  I own a Kitchen cabinet company and would like to order some of your materials; how do we get set up?

A:  Please call the office at 604 291 1477 and you will be directed to someone in sales that can have your account reviewed and processed accordingly. 

Q:  I need to have my order delivered; is this something Pioneer is able to provide?

A:  Pioneer will arrange delivery based on the needs of your order.   If you require lifts of particle board, mdf, plywood, other board - we will arrange for one of our delivery partners to load appropriately and deliver within your specified needs.  In some instances, loading bays/docks may be required based on the size of your order.

Q:  I live outside the lower mainland and want to bring in some of your hardware; are you able to deliver with a quick turnaround?

A:  No problem, as long as you are able to receive at a place of business, we can have pretty much have anything and everything delivered to you within a reasonable time frame.   We will usually try and use the most economical shipping method possible unless the need is urgent and we have a deadline that needs to be met.

Q:We are looking for a specific type of wood grain Thermally fused Laminate, how do we determine if this is something you carry?

A: At this time, Pioneer Distributors does not carry a large volume/variety of Laminate at our warehouse.  We are set up mostly for direct deliveries of Lift quantity/size and do not sell by the sheet.   As such, aside from White, raw and some maple species, we typically wouldn't have exotic boards in stock-but would absolutely be able to get them brought in and delivered to your place of business.  White TFL, Raw particleboard, pre-finished birch, and MDF are standard panels we would have on hand in lift quantities.  

Q:  I'm trying to match a specific TFL design for a project; are you able to match Thermally fused laminate designs with your suppliers?  Are you able to provide edge banding matches and High pressure laminate matches?

A:   Our suppliers will typically have a close match to most common designs; if it is uinque, this may not be something we can match but only suggest a close substitute.   Most of our laminate options come with matching edgebanding references as well as High pressure laminate matches; we do suggest bringing in samples for customer review first.

Q:AM i able to pay my invoices online? 

A:   Unfortunately, we're not currently set up for online credit cards; while this may be something that we add in the future, currently all invoices can be settled by check or calling into our accounting department for other arrangements.

Q:I am working on a LEED project that requires we use appropriate materials.   Does Pioneer provide Leed credit materials?

A:  If you are looking for particle board or architectural items that have Leed credit designations, this is something we can walk you through and certainly have the ability to distribute.